Natural Oil Polyols (NOP)

AFEXTM are unique functional natural oil polyols used in producing polyurethane coating, adhesives, sealants and foam. These products are made from plant oils such as tung, linseed, soybean, corn, peanut and canola oils. They have hydroxyl groups and/or unsaturated double bonds depending upon whether the original oils are drying, semi-drying or non-drying in nature. The hydroxyl group functionality of AFEX can be from one to three; and the molecular weight can be low to high depending upon the application.


Specialty Coatings

Waterborne Acrylic and Urethane coatings are custom designed to meet customers specified performance requirements. These coatings are intended for the application over polycarbonate, polystyrene, acrylics and polypropylene, substrates. Also available are direct to metal (DTM) waterborne coatings.


Waterborne Adhesion Promoter

The first ever waterborne chlorinated polyolefin adhesion promoters (Ad-Pro's) were developed, patented, and introduced to market over 20 years ago by A-Line Products. These ad-pro products are used to promote adhesion over thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) and polypropylene (PP) substrates prior to the application of subsequent coatings.


Liquid Rubber

Difficult to process synthetic polymers such as Butyl Rubber (IIR) and Polyisobutylene (PIB) are available in solvent cutback liquid form. Rubber cutbacks are in aliphatic or aromatic solvents and produced at various solids levels and viscosity ranges. Additional polymers cutback in solvent include EPDM, SBS and other block polymers.

Refractory/Slag Pot Coating

Refractory/Slag Pot Coatings

Waterborne refractory coatings are superior, high temperature, sprayable slag pot release coatings. These coatings prevent hot slag and trace metal from sticking to the sidewalls and bottom of slag pots. Also available are metal splash deflector coatings. The insulating quality reduces heat loss, saves BTU's and protects personnel from heat fatigue.