Liquid Rubber

Solvent Cutbacks in Liquid Form

Difficult to process synthetic polymers such as Butyl Rubber (IIR) and Polyisobutylene (PIB) are available in solvent cutback liquid form. Rubber cutbacks are in aliphatic or aromatic solvents and produced at various solids levels and viscosity ranges. Additional polymers cutback in solvent include EPDM, SBS and other block polymers.



Line-A-Lastic butyl rubber solutions consist of butyl rubber and mineral spirits. These products range in solids from 25% to 60% and are available at various viscosities. Specific custom blends of butyl rubber in conjunction with: polyisobutylene, amorphous polypropylene, polybutene and resins in the solvent vehicle of your choice are also available.

LINE-A-LASTIC butyl rubber solutions provide sealant and adhesive manufacturers with reductions in labor, machine, and adjustment time.
AL-8010 25% 80000-150000 6.79 AMBER 105F TCC
AL-8011 30% 100000-210000 6.8 AMBER 105F TCC
AL-8015 40% 350000-600000 6.9 AMBER 105F TCC
AL-8017 50% 1200000-2000000 7.1 AMBER 105F TCC
AL-8017-P 50% 300000-650000 7.1 AMBER 105F TCC
AL-8019-P 60% 300000-600000 7.18 AMBER 105F TCC

APPLICATION LINE-A-LASTIC butyl rubber solutions are recommended primarily for compounding into high quality butyl rubber caulks, specifically those that meet U.S. and Canadian government specifications.

PACKAGING: These products are supplied in open top drums to provide the most convenient form of handling

Polyisobutylene in Oil

PIO High Temperature Lubricants provide excellent lubrication at temperature of 4000 F or higher. Unlike conventional lubricants, these high temperature lubricants do not thin out excessively at extreme temperatures. PIO lubricants cling tenaciously under high temperature to the surface to which it is applied. At temperatures high enough to cause thermal decomposition of conventional oils, PIO lubricants slowly disappear completely, leaving no residue.


Kiln car bearing

Annealing oven and baking oven bearings

Working parts of die casting machines

Glass making machines

Welding flux base


Each grade of PIO is available with colloidal graphite added. Identified as PIO-DO, these blends have the same physical properties as their respective PIO grades, except the graphite is not affected by extreme temperatures and continues to provide lubrication in the absence of oil.

Active Polymer Polyisobutylene Polyisobutylene Polyisbutylene Polyisobutylene
Diluent Mineral Oil Mineral Oil Mineral Oil Mineral Oil
Flash Point TCC 204°C/400°F 204°C/400°F 204°C/400°F 204°C/400°F
Viscosity@ 100°c 3000 cps. 5500 cps. 5750 cps. 7750 cps
Color Water Clear Water Clear Water Clear Water Clear


Tackifiers are viscous liquids developed to provide adherence and stringiness in fluid lubricants and greases. These tackifiers are available as water clear to amber color at various viscosity levels. Chemically, PIO-HT Tackifiers are solutions of polymers in select oils.

Lubricating oils and greases that require adhesiveness can benefit with the addition of PIOHT. Conditions where non-drip and non-splash characteristics are required, the addition of 0.5 - 2.0% of PIO-HT is usually adequate when formulating:

Conveyor lubricants

Open gear lubricants

Way oils

Chain oils


Textile lubricants

Coning operations

Active Polymer Polyisobutylene Polyisobutylene Polyisobutylene Polyisobutylene Polyisobutylene
Diluent Mineral Oil Mineral Oil Mineral Oil Mineral Oil Naphthenic oil Petroleum Naphtha
Flash Point TCC 204°C/400°F 204°C/400°F 204°C/400°F 204°C/400°F < 150°F
Viscosity@ 100°c 3000 cps. 5500 cps. 5750 cps 7750 cps 1500-2500 cps
Color Water Clear Water Clear Water Clear Water Clear Amber


Chain Oils                   0.25 - 1.5%
Way Oils                     0.5 - 1.0%
Greases                     0.5 - 1.5%
Aerosol Resistance    0.5 - 2.0%

*Treatment levels are typical ranges for each application.